Dawn Fallon

Chapter 4 - Antique Dealers MARROW SPOONS ADDENDUM

Please note: there are two sentences missing from Mr Grey’s reply to me which begins ‘Me neither’ - it should read:

‘Me neither.  Tasteless vegetable.  But it’s not that sort of marrow the spoon is for - it’s for scooping marrow out of bones.’

  Recoiling at the thought, I put it back quickly, 'Oh,' was all I could say.

.....and this is what they looked like:

Marrow Spoons

Chapter 5 - Becoming a VAT Inspector

I record how my long journey towards becoming a VAT Control Officer actually began as a Clerical Officer for the Central Office of Information (COI) and here are some photos from my time there.

We worked from Five Ways Tower which I describe in the book as a black and red brick monolith set in the upmarket suburb of Edgbaston, Birmingham.  It was a smart, modern office block in the early 80s, but became derelict within a few decades - a rather sad end!

The office was kitted out in 70s-style colours - bright oranges and lemons.   The desks were, at the time, state of the art, and could form an L-shaped pattern.  They were new, and modern for that era.

Here's my office which was on the 5th floor (there were 20 floors altogether at Five Ways Tower).  The part of the desk where the "In" and "Out" trays are was where myself and a Clerical Assistant would open the mail each morning -

At my desk (complete with my hand knitted bright red cardigan) -

With some clerical colleagues in the Distribution Room - we had over 200 mail shots every day which had to be all sealed and bagged up ready for collection by the Royal Mail -

Making a cuppa at the tea station - 

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  • A fantastic book, which takes the reader on an amazing journey and delves into many the many lives and experiences of the ‘VAT Inspector’. An important historical record to refer back to that will grow in its value over time.

    Matthew T.
  • From start to finish this book kept me hooked .. the author spoke from her experience in such an entertaining way. Highly recommended!!

    Sarah Yeo
  • Dawn Fallon is one of the most talented writers I've read. She has taken what could have been a very pedestrian account of this occupation and crafted an entertaining, page-turning action packed read.

    Simon Michael Prior
  • Dawn’s writing is finely crafted, she knows how to tell a good story that’s for sure.

  • Enjoyable read, with plenty of humour, superbly crafted.

    Steve Mayne
  • Didn’t want to put my kindle down. Enjoyed the fun way of looking at the job of a VAT inspector.

    Sue Jarvis.
  • The book is well written and is both factual and amusing.

    Peter H.
  • Well written, funny and very heart-warming. Was such an easy read.

    Andy Davies.
  • This is a delightful book. It brings back many memories and does so with charm and humour, What might have been presented as a dry subject is brought warmly and vividly to life by the author. Highly recommended !

    David C.
  • The author is exceptionally good at painting a real picture of her characters and experiences. It was informative, entertaining and most enjoyable.

    Kate Tarrant.
  • A really interesting read with lots of honest humour between the pages.